Apex Legends players discover how to chain wall bounces with Revenant

Here is another reason to fear Revenant.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Revenant’s dark past and haunting character model can intimidate even the most fearless players, but a new movement tactic can make him even more terrifying. The technique lets players consistently chain wall bounces with the simulacrum in enclosed areas.

Professional Apex Legends player Vetyd uploaded a short clip of Revenant repeatedly wall bouncing in the Bunker. This technique allowed them to wall bounce much faster than other Legends and appears to only be possible with Revenant.

Wall bouncing is a common tactic in Apex Legends. Most players can wall bounce by slide jumping into a wall and quickly jump at the right time. Revenant’s passive ability allows him to climb walls faster than other Legends, however. This mechanic appears to allow him to chain multiple wall bounces in narrow corridors, such as the ones in the Bunker in Kings Canyon.

This tactic can intimidate enemies, but it may also leave you vulnerable. Players can deal damage as you bounce between walls, so be careful when recreating this maneuver against a full team. 

It is unclear if this is an intentional feature or an interaction that occurs because of Revenant’s passive ability. Other players recreated the maneuver, confirming it is possible to replicate the stunt. The good news is that it only seems to work in close-quarter areas like the Bunker, meaning Revenant players cannot abuse the technique across the map. If you encounter Revenant in a tight hallway, though, be prepared for terrifying movement.