Apex Legends players create hilarious death trap by combining Wraith and Valkyrie’s ultimates

"It's a trap."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Two Apex Legends players discovered a hysterical interaction that sends enemies plummeting to their death, pairing Wraith’s Dimensional Rift with Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive. While Respawn likely didn’t intend for the two abilities to work this way, it’s still a comedic way to deliver your opponents to the afterlife.

To create the bug, the Wraith player activated their ultimate and then interacted with the ally Valkyrie to join in on Skyward Dive. When the Valk player shot upward, Wraith’s portal came with them without wasting any Rift Energy. While in the air, the Wraith placed the second side of the portal in an area on Olympus that doesn’t have ground to land on. All that was left was to bait some enemies into taking the trap.

The opponents who took the fatal portal ended up hundreds of feet in the sky with nowhere to go but down. Since the enemies fell out of the map, they instantly died and left their death boxes behind to be looted.

“They fell out of the sky like stones,” one of the players laughed.

Lead game designer Daniel Zenon Klein commented on the Reddit post, joking about how he’d react if he received this as a bug report.

“Me, getting this as a bug report: *closes as Won’t Fix*,” he wrote.

It’s unclear whether Respawn will step in to fix this interaction. The devs will likely have to determine whether it negatively impacts matchmaking to warrant a tweak.

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