Apex Legends player uses Olympus’ Turbines to slip-and-slide a quick landing with Horizon


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

When diving into any battle royale, sticking a quick landing is imperative to early success. And one Apex Legends player can help with that.

Apex player u/Lord_Spinkingham discovered that you can ride Turbines’ curved towers and slide your way across the map. The savvy player was able to get from Central Turbine to Research Basin in a matter of seconds with the help of Horizon’s passive ability.

Once the player got too close to the curved towers, the skydive animation ended. This helped them slide along the tower and activate Horizon’s Spacewalk passive for better air control and reduced fall impact. From there, Olympus’ gravity and the fall momentum carried them to the waterfalls near Hammond Labs. There, they continued to slide and enter the labs at full stride.

The quick landing could potentially help your squad beat an enemy team to the POI, snagging all the weapons and picking them off when they least suspect it.

Dot Esports tested this tactic out and found similar results. While this strategy is possible with any legend, it appears to work best with Horizon. The astrophysicist’s passive helps you control air-time better, making it easier to stick the landing. And the Hammond Labs side of Central Turbine may be the only path that works effectively, limiting the spots you can slide to.