Apex Legends player terrorizes team with Octane’s Launch Pad

Beware of an airborne Octane.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player used Octane’s Launch Pad as a trampoline to fight a team hiding at the top of a tower.

Apex Legends player TheLemonsDidIt encountered a team set up at the top of a tower and decided to use Octane’s Launch Pad to reach their position. They immediately threw Arc Stars to inflict damage, bouncing on the Launch Pad repeatedly. Each time they reached the top of the tower, they threw more grenades or fired at the enemies.

Despite attacks coming from the same spot each time, the enemy team couldn’t counter the silly play. Eventually, TheLemonsDidIt jumped onto the tower to finish off the team, who could only watch as they were finished off one by one. 

Other players commented on the enemy team’s odd strategy of remaining in the same position despite taking massive damage from the player jumping in the air. Others confirmed the tower is a tough spot since it provides little cover, especially when multiple teams are firing at you. But most fans agree that it was a hilarious play and excellent use of Octane’s Launch Pad. 

While this might inspire Octane mains to attempt a similar stunt, just remember launching straight into the air leaves you vulnerable. But if the enemy team is busy or distracted, don’t be afraid to go for an amazing play.