Apex Legends player teams up with enemies in ranked and respawns ally just to get killed

Not cool.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is about to cause a whole lot of trust issues.

An Apex player documented some egregious behavior in a high-level ranked game yesterday, posting a video that shows their own ally teaming up with an enemy squad. The treacherous teammate respawned their allies “several times at the beacon” just to let the enemy team mow them down.

While spectating the “ally” Bangalore, you can see her run over to the Respawn Beacon as an enemy team watches. The opposing squad then waited for the player to drop down from the respawn ship and immediately took them out.

It’s unclear how many times this occurred in the same game since the video only shows one instance. But the player claims that it happened “several times.”

Teaming has been growing rampant in Respawn’s battle royale, especially in high-rank lobbies. Players who want to join the same lobby will simply start queueing simultaneously and sometimes be placed in the same match.

Earlier this month, a group of the top Apex Predators was allegedly caught teaming up in ranked to put the odds in their favor. This behavior is certainly frowned upon and Respawn said it would take appropriate action after investigating.