Apex Legends player notices a teammate cheating, takes matters into their own hands

It's actually considered cheating.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Upon seeing a teammate cheat, one Apex Legends player decided to become a vigilante for justice.

Player rryyxn caught the whole thing on video, which they shared on Reddit last week. In the clip, rryyxn, who was playing Rampart, was teamed up with a Wraith. The two were hanging around Caustic Treatment on Kings Canyon when Wraith asked rryyxn not to kill a Pathfinder from another squad who seemed to be approaching them.

When rryyxn asked why, the Wraith said the two of them were trying to grind for the “4K.” After watching the two of them for a moment, rryyxn pulled out Rampart’s new mobile Sheila and killed Pathfinder anyway, preventing the two of them from “grinding” any further. The Wraith then disconnected.

The two players were attempting to grind for a badge obtained by dealing 4,000 damage in one match. The goal was to have Pathfinder deal damage to Wraith without downing her. Wraith would then heal and the Pathfinder would do it again. They intended to do this over and over to get Pathfinder the badge.

As mentioned in the Reddit comments on the clip, teaming up with other people who aren’t in your squad is considered cheating. A Respawn security analyst going by the username RSPN_Hideouts actually responded to the thread, saying that they appreciate what rryyxn did and that they’ve made note of the Wraith and Pathfinder’s usernames.

Other players complimented rryyxn’s actions and complained about people who try to cheat to get badges in the comments. Some people went as far as to say that the badge system encourages the beratement of new players and those who don’t have badges that are considered good. Either way, it’s likely that the Wraith and Pathfinder will receive disciplinary actions on their accounts, making the game a little more fair for everyone.