Apex Legends player gets a ‘triple stick’ in Arenas

Nice throws, man.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ new game mode, Arenas, has fans clamoring for more. The fast-paced, round-based action provides the same rush and combat as the battle royale mode, it just comes to the players more quickly. Since Arenas was released, Apex has seen a boom of sorts because a round-based shooter can draw in players who might not play battle royales.

One player recently pulled off an excellent play in an Arenas match by landing a triple stick. He stuck every single member of the opposing team, leading to a de facto ace and a win for his team.

With an impressive display of projectile path knowledge, the player used Apex’s Arc Star grenades to great effect. When thrown, the Arc Star will stick to the first thing it contacts, whether that’s another player or an in-game object. When it detonates, it does lots of damage and stuns the player. It’s hard to pull off, but sticking someone is a near-instant kill in many circumstances.

Arenas is an economy-based mode, so the choice to go with three Arc Stars is a bold one. Many people would contend that the money invested into the high risk, high reward Arc Stars would be better if put into guns. But if you can hit your stars like this Reddit user, invest in the risk more often. If you can’t, just buy an Alternator—you’ll be better off.