Apex Legends player encounters game-breaking bug that allows Crypto to repeatedly use Drone EMP

Uh oh.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It seems like Crypto’s drone may have gotten an upgrade.

One Apex Legends player was on the wrong end of a game-breaking exploit today, posting a bug that allowed an enemy Crypto to use consecutive EMPs.

Crypto’s ultimate sets off an EMP blast that deals damage, disables traps, and slows enemies. While it normally comes with a 180-second cooldown, one player was able to use it repeatedly.

The player spotted Crypto’s drone from across Kings Canyon and saw it fast approaching, using consecutive EMPs on the way. With the drone being small and flying in the sky, the player had difficulty shooting it down. The drone eventually made it to its target, EMPing the player several times before the other enemy came and gunned the slowed victim down.

It’s unclear exactly how the exploit was reproduced. Some believe it may be related to Charge Towers that were introduced to Kings Canyon this season, allowing players to instantly get their ultimate.

One player theorized that Crypto may have charged his ultimate with the tower while his drone was in the middle of the EMP animation, allowing it to “cycle permanently.”

The bug hasn’t been posted on Respawn’s Apex Tracker yet. But the developers will likely patch it out as soon as possible because it clearly gives players an unfair advantage.