Apex Legends player can kill enemies before they respawn using this trick

"Time to rock 'n load."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Dying as soon as your allies respawn you in an Apex Legends match is incredibly frustrating, but thanks to a deadly strategy revealed by a player on Reddit, you can inflict this pain on your enemies.

In a clip shared on May 16 on Reddit, a player showed a way to do this using two simple resources.

With Fuse, they used the Knuckle Cluster on the drop ship from where a player was preparing to drop down.

The ability has great range and is easy to aim with due to the trajectory being clearly shown on the screen, so it’s not hard to aim at the drop ship even when it’s far away from Fuse.

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In the clip, the player hit the enemy with it and then shot them down using a fully-kitted Charge Rifle, which highlighted enemies and made them easier to aim at.

Apex players called this a war crime in the comments, expressing how frustrated they would get over being eliminated without even being able to get out from the drop ship.

“Just because you could. Doesn’t mean you should,” wrote a highly-voted comment. “I would be furious,” read another.

Others also debated on whether the Charge Rifle would need another nerf. In Season 17’s balance changes, the sniper rifle saw its shots per magazine reduced from Four to Three and its spawn rate decreased, but it remains a strong weapon in Apex.


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