Apex Legends leaks point to Halloween LTM coming to beloved map for the first time

Shadowy figures have invaded the Apex Games once again.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Dataminers have revealed new screenshots and information in Apex Legends‘ data that seem to indicate the return of a Halloween LTM in the next few weeks.

After today’s game update, which brought a handful of balance changes and initialized the Beast of Prey event, dataminers found evidence of a new map that indicates a return to the “After Dark” maps of past Fight or Fright events. Content creator KralRindo shared a screenshot of a map that they claim is called Olympus After Dark. The screenshot shows the map’s Medusa vines stretching beyond the Icarus carrier onto the Hammond Labs POI and beyond. It also includes a large red moon shining behind Olympus and a new Revenant banner that is replacing Pathfinder’s boxing banner.

Content creator Hypermist also had Olympus After Dark information to share. Their two screenshots show the Medusa vines climbing up the side of the towers at the Oasis POI and three legends enveloped in shadows. The legends appear to be Lifeline, Octane, and Horizon. These images could hint at a return of the popular Shadowfall and Shadow Royale limited-time modes, the former of which took place on Kings Canyon After Dark, another nighttime map. Both modes were featured in previous Fight or Fright events.

Last year’s Halloween event, Monsters Within, did not include Shadowfall and Shadow Royale; instead, it gave players a wide variety of skins to purchase and a prize tracker to complete. Two of the event’s challenges featured Arenas, a then-new game mode. Fans’ excitement over the datamined images stems from the potential return of one of the previous LTMs or something new in the vein of Kings Canyon After Dark.Respawn has not commented on the images or released any additional information on a potential Halloween event.