Apex Legends is giving out double XP until season 7

It's time to grind the battle pass.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Competing in the Apex Games will temporarily grant twice the glory—and twice the battle pass progression.

Respawn is starting a double XP week today that will run until Nov. 4 to make up for Apex Legends’ updated release schedule. The developers pushed the new season forward by a week without warning and the extra experience aims to make up for any inconveniences with player progression.

Season seven’s earlier debut took out precious time from the battle pass and some players were counting on the extra days to max out their progress. Game director Chad Grenier responded to their requests. “We hope to make up the gap [in battle pass progression] with increased XP at the end of the season,” he said last week.

Part of the negative responses to the advancement of season seven stems from the lack of communication on Respawn’s part. The studio only changed the in-game countdown and didn’t make an official statement. Grenier admitted that this was a mistake. “It was a bit of a misstep on our part while trying to sort out some things with Fight or Fright and Season 7,” he said.

The double XP week coincides with the final half of the Fight or Fright limited-time event, which gives players a small incentive to hop into the battle royale. Players can take advantage of the extra experience to dive into the Shadow Royale LTM or to try and grind the free event-exclusive rewards, including the Long John Nessy gun charm.

Apex‘s double XP week runs until the launch of season seven, scheduled for the night of Nov. 4. The new season, Ascension, will introduce players to Horizon, Olympus, and the new Trident vehicle—game-changing additions to the battle royale.