Apex Legends introduces a no-fill matchmaking option

Solo players have a new exciting option.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players will have the option to drop into games by themselves with the new no-fill option. The feature will be introduced with the season eight Caustic Theory Collection Event next week.

Traditionally when players queue in the Duos or Trios playlist, they’re matched with random players to fill their team. This allows solo players to find full teams with ease. But some players prefer being alone. 

The new no-fill option will allow players to join Duo and Trio matches without being matched with random teammates. They can uncheck the new “Fill Matchmaking” option before searching for a match, which will place them on a team by themselves. 

Players who prefer playing alone or who want to focus on challenges can take advantage of the no-fill option. You’ll still encounter full teams based on the mode you’re playing, though, so expect to be at a disadvantage. 

Teamwork is still an essential part of Apex, so the no-fill option is only available in unranked games. There’s also a limit of six no-fill players per match to avoid the option from impacting gameplay. 

The Caustic Theory Collection Event will add a lot of new features and updates. Nintendo Switch players can finally join the fun and players can play the new Ring Fury Escalation playlist. Players can also unlock exclusive awards in the event’s reward track. 

The Caustic Theory Collection Event begins on March 9.