Apex Legends Halloween event reportedly goes live on Oct. 15

This is according to one leaker’s exploit.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans are excited for the upcoming Halloween event that’s set to introduce tons of new and spooky content to the battle royale. But thanks to an exploit, a launch date for the Fight or Fright Collection Event may have been leaked.

One Apex data miner informed fans on Twitter today about a neat trick to fool your client into thinking the Fight or Fright event is live.

“Want to see the new event?” the savvy data miner said. “Change your date to October 18th and you can see the full event. Yes… im not joking.”

By going into your system’s “Date and Time” panel, players can adjust the date to trick the client into thinking that the event launched. Some players have discovered that Oct. 15 is the earliest date you can set your system to for the exploit to still work.

This likely implies that the Fight or Fright Collection Event will go live next Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information, but the timeline makes sense. This would give players over two weeks to play the event before Halloween and Respawn typically releases patches and new content on Tuesdays.

For the time being, fans can check out all the new horrifyingly-beautiful content coming to Apex by changing their system date.