The Apex Legends Global Series explained

Here's what you need to know.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

EA and Respawn made waves yesterday when it revealed the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), a move that will expand its competitive scene and create a stable esports structure for the battle royale.

But a new event structure may also bring some confusion. Several competitive tiers, online and live events, Majors, and a Global Series Championship can be hard to follow—especially with the action starting so soon.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ALGS tournament structure.

What is the ALGS?

Respawn dove head first into the esports ecosystem and created an online and live event structure for Apex players on PC. Similar to League of Legends, several tournaments throughout the year will determine which teams qualify for the final Global Series Championship. Players who are good enough to participate will be competing for more than $3 million in prize money.

There are three different tiers that players will compete in with the hopes of making it to the final tier—Majors.

Global Series Competition Tiers

Image via Battlefy

Online Tournaments

The “entry point” for the Global Series will be Online Tournaments, hosted by Battlefy. Ten Online Tournaments are scheduled throughout the year, with at least 160 teams participating in each one. These events will be single-elimination, with at least three matches per round. Teams will progress by accruing points for placement and kills until the final 20 are decided, who will compete in a five-match finals tournament at a later date.

The top teams from each region’s Online Tournaments will qualify to participate in live events, which can ultimately lead to the crown of Apex Global Series Champions.

Challenger Events

These Challenger Events ditch the online experience for some LAN fun. “Local talent” will be recruited to compete in regional competitions, awarding winners with a place in the upcoming Major.

Premier Events

Premier events are the second stop for those participating in Online Tournaments. This will pit the top online competitors from each region against each other in a live event. The top performers will earn increased Global Series Points and advanced placement invitations to the Majors.


This brings together the best squads from around the world to compete for the largest prize pools. There will be four Majors throughout the year. The first three will include 100 three-person teams that will play for a $500,000 prize pool. The fourth Major is the coveted Apex Global Series Championship, where 60 teams are invited to compete for a grand prize pool of $1 million.

Schedule for upcoming events

  • Jan. 25 and 27: Online Tournament begins to qualify for Major One
  • Feb. 29 and March 2: Online Tournament to qualify for Premier Event One
  • March 13 to 15: Major One at Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas ($500,000 prize pool)

Registration for the first online ALGS competition begins Jan. 11.