Apex Legends glitch puts player in third-person view after being respawned

At least you can finally see the skin you’re wearing.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is a first-person shooter⁠—right?

One player shared a video today that may contradict Apex Legends’ FPS tag. After being respawned by an ally, the player was shocked to hit World’s Edge in third-person mode.

The player’s teammate had just finished the respawn animation when an enemy closed in and took them out. But instead of being taken to the death screen, the player’s Wraith was respawned at the beacon in third-person view. The cursor and mini-map on the User Interface (UI) disappeared, making it quite difficult to spot, let alone eliminate, enemy targets.

Wraith has become a fan-favorite character, with many players noting the remarkable similarity between her run animation and the ninjas from manga series Naruto. If one good thing came out of this bug, it’s that third-person mode allowed fans to see the Naruto run in action.

This isn’t the first report of a third-person bug in Respawn’s battle royale, though. Other players claimed to have encountered the glitch in Apex’s first season.

“This happened to me in S1,” one player said. “It was fun to see some legends in 3rd person fighting.”

While Respawn hasn’t acknowledged the bug yet, it’s likely caused by a team wiping while a player is in the middle of respawning. If the bug continues to adversely affect matchmaking, it will likely be fixed in an upcoming patch.