Apex Legends’ gameplay trailer shows what Loba’s skillset looks like

The upcoming legend can teleport and will use her cane as part of an ability.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Loba is the next competitor to join Apex Legends next week and the latest gameplay trailer gave fans a taste of what it’s like to play as the best thief in the Outlands.

Today’s video shows some of the uses of her skills, including her teleportation device and her signature cane. Although previous teasers revealed that the skills existed, this gameplay trailer showed how they function in-game.

One of Loba’s most powerful weapons is her teleportation device, a highly-anticipated part of the character. The Legacy of a Thief animated short revealed that she could use a gadget to teleport between places. The season five launch trailer also showed it in action when Loba used it to escape the crumbling Hammond Robotics facility.

Loba tosses her bracelet like a grenade, complete with an indicator that displays its trajectory and appears where the gadget landed. The process involves short animations, which may put users in danger if they move to a bad spot.

The gameplay trailer also showed that Loba can use her trademark cane for a lot more than just bludgeoning robots. The gadget appears to be a device that can steal all nearby loot and would explain how Loba used it to snag an R-301 in the launch trailer.

Activating the cane creates a hexagon-shaped hologram around it. It appears that players can interact with it to pick up loot since the trailer shows Loba grabbing a pistol from inside the area. The ability will likely be her ultimate since her tactical is bound to be the teleporter.

Based on the trailers, Loba’s kit seems to be focused on mobility and looting. Respawn hasn’t officially revealed her character page, however, but players will be able to use Loba to her fullest once season five, Fortune’s Favor, lands on May 12.