Apex Legends releases update to fix Xbox server crashes

The crashes were caused by an exploit being abused by players.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

After weeks of crashing servers, Apex Legends players on Xbox should finally see some improvements. Respawn developer and Apex support team member Pav announced on Twitter that an update specific to Xbox is now live and should fix the issue.

The crashing issue is due to an exploit specific to Xbox. Players in the game’s ranked mode that played on the console could trigger the exploit upon dying, which would crash the entire server and send the lobby back to the main menu of the game with an error code. Doing so would prevent players from losing ranked points, as the results of the game for eliminated players wouldn’t be registered if the exploit was performed quickly enough.

While the exploit was performed on Xbox, it wasn’t contained to just the platform, as PlayStation players with Crossplay enabled could also have their servers crashed with Xbox players inhabiting the same lobbies. Players abusing the exploit also plagued PC lobbies, which Xbox users can only enter by joining a team with PC players.

The Apex support team previously pushed a patch to Xbox for this issue last week, but the patch failed to work, leading to players lashing out at devs, and in some cases, harassing Respawn workers.

Now, however, the team sounds more confident that the problem has been resolved. And, with that out of the way, Pav also mentioned that more fixes might be coming Xbox’s way. An issue with the game chat not functioning correctly on the platform has been an issue for several players, and Respawn is now looking to fix the problem as soon as possible.

With hopefully no more server crashes in the immediate future, it sounds like an excellent day to drop into the Outlands.