Apex Legends fan pays tribute to Octane for getting killed in almost every trailer

"He needs your help. Please."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Someone at Respawn must really hate Octane.

An Apex Legends fan paid tribute to the Adrenaline Junkie today, creating a video that shows every time Octane is “beaten or abused” in a trailer.

“Almost every trailer, an Octane is beaten or abused,” the fan says. “They suffer terrified and alone. Waiting for someone to respawn them.”

The first clip goes back to the season two cinematic, where Octane is nearly crushed by the falling Repulsor. The legend has to be defibrillated by Wattson to get back into the fight. Then it skips to Octane having his neck cracked by Revenant, followed by Loba digging her heel into his esophagus in the season five character trailer.

The tribute ends with Wraith and Wattson playing ping pong with Octane before knocking him into lava, as seen in the season three trailer.

Octane mains approved of the tribute, commenting various encouraging messages on the thread.

“As an Octane main, I approve,” one fan said.

“[Octane mains] RISE UP,” another fan commented. “OUR BOY DESERVES BETTER.”

While this treatment may be upsetting to Octane mains, the Adrenaline Junkie will have his time to shine—one day.