Apex Legends fan designs awesome Carnival-themed Loba skin

She's as festive as can be.

Image via Respawn Enterainment

An artist recently designed an incredible Carnival-themed skin for Loba in Apex Legends.

Reddit user u/lsc_comics shared their creation on the Apex subreddit. The design was based on Loba’s existing Carnival banner frame, a legendary item. The banner frame includes a waist-up portrait of Loba wearing a festive mask and outfit in celebration of the holiday, which the skin matches well.

Unlike a lot of skin concepts that are concept art-based, this design appears to be a full render, with a lot of thought put into the detail of the suit and shoes. The artist removed Loba’s headpiece in the skin design, likely because it would be distracting in-game or distort the size of her hitbox. Because only the top of the skin can be seen in the Carnival banner frame, the bottom half is a completely original creation, making it all the more impressive.

lsc_comics has also made other Carnival-themed skin concepts for Loba. They’re a Brazilian Loba main, which they say gave them the inspiration to create the concepts. Beyond Loba, they’ve also made a skin design for Revenant based on Brazilian mythology.