Apex Legends fan builds LFG website to help players find teammates

This is exactly what solo queue players need.

Octane poses in front of Fragment on World's Edge.
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An Apex Legends player built a website that enables others to find teammates and friends to team up with in-game.

Reddit user Blackoutlol and their friends built the Apex Legends section of Teams.gg, a website that allows players to search for potential teammates across a handful of games. Players can sign up for a free account, after which they can add specifications like the legends they main, their age and language, their platform, and whether they prefer competitive or pubs. Once they’ve set up a profile, they can select matches and get into contact with new teammates.

Blackoutlol shared a sleek trailer on their post, which showed off profile customization and the huge array of questions players can ask and answer. The site also offers LFG services for CS:GO, VALORANT, and Fortnite.

In the comments, Blackoutlol explained that the site was built to combat the frustrations that come from playing a team-based game solo. “We all know soloQing can be quite stressful (especially when we’re stuck with a toxic [teammate]…and with all the recent ranked changes we felt there should be a better way to find teammates,” they said. Blackoutlol emphasized that the service is for everyone, regardless of skill level, competitive desire, or preferred platform. They were also extremely responsive to bug reports and questions in the comments, often offering to DM users having issues.

Fans were excited in the comments, with many expressing a sigh of relief that there’s now an easier way to find and vet teammates than sifting through LFG subreddits and Discord servers. The platform doesn’t appear to have many users on it yet, but Blackoutlol pointed out that they had only launched it a few hours ago, so it will take some time to fill up with players.

If you’re looking to find new teammates, Teams.gg might just be worth checking out.

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