Apex Legends experiencing server issues that prevent players from logging in

If you're stuck in the loading screen, you're not the only one.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends seems to be experiencing server issues that prevent players from logging in, according to user reports. Users who boot up the game are greeted by the loading screen and not much else.

The issue has received several reports across the internet this morning. Tracking website DownDetector shows a high number of incidents with Apex servers as well as both EA and Origin services, while an unofficial Apex server status tracker has also indicated a series of outages. Dot Esports tried to reach the servers but was inevitably stuck at the loading screen.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

EA Help has acknowledged the occurrence and is “looking into issues” with both games and services. Origin is also facing connection problems with several players unable to log in. Dot Esports managed to successfully connect to Origin, however.

After a wave of initial occurrences, reports for server issues with Origin, EA, and Apex have plummeted, according to DownDetector. The Apex Status server tracker also shows that servers seem to be back to normal. EA Help, however, hasn’t officially confirmed a fix.

Update Nov. 30, 1:44pm CT: EA Help confirmed that the connection issues have been resolved.