Apex Legends error causes players to get removed from their clubs

It's unclear what caused the accidental wave of bans.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Several Apex Legends players were greeted with the same message upon logging into the game today. Instead of seeing the season seven background, they received an error saying they were banned from their clubs—even if they were founding members.

Restarting the game seemed to fix the error and put players back into their club, complete with the missing members. It may have been an isolated occurrence, but Respawn is looking into the issue.

The error received multiple reports across social media. The common denominator in all occurrences is the sudden ban from clubs falsely flagged as coming from admins. Dozens of players recounted being kicked, but those who escaped the glitch reported their clubs’ rosters were still complete.

Some players affected by the glitch were added back to their clubs after restarting the game. Dot Esports tested the solution and found a seemingly permanent fix.

Although there are isolated reports from the glitch that predate the blackout, this seems to be the first time that the issue happened on such a large scale and affecting accounts in several regions.

Clubs made their way to Apex in November with the launch of its seventh season, Ascension. The feature draws inspiration from a similar element in the Titanfall franchise called “networks,” which allowed players to create groups of like-minded individuals. Clubs aim to make a more intimate experience and help build relationships. And unlike their precursors in Titanfall, Clubs are capped at 30 members—at least for the time being.