Apex Legends end-game circles for over 150 games mapped out

And it’s a pretty even spread.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Many Apex Legends fans are tired of the seemingly random nature of the final ring location. But one player’s discovery shows that they’re not so random after all.

A savvy fan mapped out the end circles for over 150 Apex matches and posted their findings on Reddit yesterday. The data, which was taken from week one of the T1 Apex League’s scrims, suggests that the final ring locations were, for the most part, evenly spread across World’s Edge.

Players were thrown into Capitol City, the World’s Edge death trap, a whopping 18 times for the final circle. While that may be expected since it’s at the center of the map, peripheral locations like Thermal Station and Lava Fissure were also popular endings for the final circle chaos.

Seven other areas hovered around eight to 11 end circles across the 151 games. Respawn likely put effort into encouraging extensive map exploration rather than throttling players to the same two or three spots.

Despite the even spread, there were still some areas that got little love. Matches ending at Overlook or The Tree were the least likely at three games apiece. This is completely understandable, however, since the two locations are small compounds on the outskirts of the map.

Ring location intel has been an important strategy since the battle royale’s conception. Although Pathfinder’s mobility is coveted, his passive allows players to scan beacons for the next ring location. Given the fairly even spread of final circles, Pathfinder’s inside information is even more necessary for securing optimal positions and taking out enemies on rotations.