Apex Legends Eclipse launch trailer features Catalyst as the counter to Seer

It's clear Catalyst is no fan.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

After weeks and months of teasers, hints, and lore drops, the Apex Legends season 15 launch trailer is here and it’s jam-packed with Catalyst, who appears to be the counter to Seer in both the game’s lore and its gameplay.

Set on the moon where Catalyst once worked with her ferrofluid as a terraformer, trying to build up Cleo and prevent it from doing Boreas even more harm, this once-peaceful scene has been interrupted by the Apex Games—and Catalyst isn’t happy about it. Fired from her job as people made way for Duardo Silva and the Syndicate to turn this moon into their new battlefield, Catalyst has remained to act as the moon’s protector and exact a certain amount of revenge on Seer, who she seems to blame for all of this happening.

The Seer and Catalyst storyline is sure to form at least part of the season’s lore, which already left off on quite a cliffhanger in season 14. We’ll see if the new season, titled Eclipse, will be able to keep pace with how quickly the action ramped up in Hunted.

But that’s not all the launch trailer showed off. Players also got their first cinematic look at Catalyst’s abilities. Similar to early leaks of the character, Catalyst’s ability kit revolves around her use of ferrofluid to create different structures. But it seems those abilities have changed quite a bit since the time of the leaks since this ferrofluid no longer looks to be fully solid, but rather a sticky, tar-like substance that Catalyst can manipulate at will. It seems that she can place ferrofluid on the ground to slow down enemies for an easy kill, as well as create a giant wall of the stuff with what should be her ultimate ability.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that when that ultimate ability is activated in the game’s trailer, Seer uses his ultimate, but the Exhibit doesn’t show any enemies through the wall. It’s a bit unclear if this ferrofluid wall actually doesn’t allow scans to pass through it, or if Catalyst and her squad managed to sneak behind Seer when he was focused on the wall. But if this wall does counter scans, it would have massive implications for the game’s meta, which has heavily relied on scan characters like Seer and Bloodhound for much of its lifespan.

Players will get a better picture of what Catalyst’s full ability kit looks like when the season’s gameplay trailer drops on Oct. 24. Until then, get your last few games of season 14 in. Eclipse is fast-approaching, launching on Nov. 1.