Apex Legends data miner leaks new Crypto files

Scripts and audio files leaked on the hacker hint that his release is near.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans are waiting for the release of Crypto, the character many believe is coming next to Kings Canyon. One data miner showed that he may be coming sooner than we think.

Well-known Apex data miner That1MiningGuy leaked new Crypto information earlier today that he found sifting through the game’s files.

In the video, That1MiningGuy reveals several files that contain the words “terminal_usable” or “communication/terminal.” Fans have long believed that Crypto’s kit will consist of hacking abilities. An interactive terminal, similar to the beacon that Pathfinder can use, makes sense for Crypto, who’d be able to use it for information around the map.

That1MiningGuy has some speculations as to how the terminals might work. “Once Crypto hacks them, they may work like a map hack that lets him know when enemies pass by them,” he said. A file with the name “hackRadius 2000” supports this idea, perhaps alluding to a specific area radius that Crypto’s hack will function in.

The data miner also rendered an image of a terminal he found in the files.

Screengrab via That1MiningGuy

That1MiningGuy believes these terminals, along with keypads, will most likely be accessible using Crypto’s abilities.

Along with these files, That1MiningGuy found the audio of a skydive emote that he believes belongs to Crypto. Although the data miner didn’t give any analysis of the audio, fans in his Discord server seem to believe it sounds like he’s firing off an EMP.

As more game files on Crypto continue to be leaked, the character’s release is likely on the horizon.