Apex Legends data miner discovers new Twitch Prime skin for Loba

Twitch Prime users will have access to the exclusive skin in the feature.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Popular Apex Legends data miner iLootGames found the next Twitch Prime skin for Loba, which features a unique color scheme for players to enjoy.

Loba’s Twitch Prime skin features a blue and brown update to her standard white outfit. Her collar is blue instead of red and there seems to be a brown loop around her right leg. The skin features Loba’s iconic eye makeup but in a slightly different design than her standard skin. Players will have to wait until the skin is officially revealed to see the entire outfit, however.

The data miner also discovered another skin for Loba that features a light green and gold color scheme and gives the thief glowing green eyes. It’s unclear when this skin will become available for purchase, but it’ll likely hit the store at some point during season five.

Loba is the latest character introduced to Apex, making her debut in season five, which went live today. The legendary thief uses her abilities to help her team find loot and can teleport to safety in the blink of an eye. The season five battle pass features the Huntswoman Loba skin for players to unlock. There will likely be more skins released for the character throughout the season.

Players will likely need to connect their Twitch and EA accounts to claim the skin, so make sure to do this to avoid missing out on the unique item.

There’s no official release date for these leaked skins, but players can expect an announcement soon.