Apex Legends’ crafting system will let players build equipment and upgrade their shields

Stock will rotate every day and week.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ upcoming crafting system is all about getting gear. Players will be able to spend materials found in matches to build weapons, hop-ups, healing items, and even evolve their armor in the middle of a match—depending on what’s in stock.

Crafting will have its own rotation, which will dictate the items that will drop on the ground or be available only through the new feature. Items will rotate often. The stock changes daily and weekly, but some items—such as healing items and shield upgrades—are permanently available.

To build items, players need to find Replicators, crafting stations spread out across the maps. Accessing a Replicator will show what’s in stock, as well as the price for each upgrade. Acquiring an item uses materials that are only available in matches.

Players can find small amounts of crafting materials in supply bins in matches or larger amounts in specific deposits. There’s no need to compete with squadmates for the lion’s share of materials. Deposits are individual and all members of the team can use them without turning into a zero-sum game. Materials aren’t lost after death either, which provides recently respawned players with a consistent way to get gear if they’re unable to loot their death box.

The rotation determines which items are available in Replicators, but it also shakes up the loot pool: items in the Replicator won’t spawn on the ground. The variety can create a series of short-lived mini-metas that apply to a specific crafting rotation.

Season six’s crafting system offers all types of players a chance to get their hands on high-tier loot and synergizes particularly well with the changes to shields. Risk-averse players can spend their materials to upgrade armor without the need to engage in firefights, while even the more aggressive players can stop at Replicators to resupply.

Crafting is coming to the Apex Games at midnight CT on Aug. 18 alongside the new legend Rampart, the Volt SMG, and key changes to World’s Edge and the armor system.