Apex Legends cosplayers are already creating amazing Vantage looks

Cosplayers are the fastest people on earth.

Vantage and her bat Echo.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Even though Vantage, the latest playable character in Apex Legends, was only revealed a week ago, cosplayers are already working their magic to create stunning outfits inspired by the new legend.

Shortly after Vantage was announced during this week’s Stories from the Outlands trailer, cosplayer heavenlyhopet created not only a Vantage cosplay but a matching gun and a video to tie the whole thing together. The cosplay is perfect down to the detail, from the old-fashioned wrapped gun to the fur-lined coat to visor and tactical headset that Vantage wears.

The most astonishing part of the cosplay is how quickly heavenlyhopet put the whole thing together; their photos and video were posted just hours after the Stories from the Outlands premiered, making some fans wonder just how fast cosplayers move.

Another cosplayer, BadgerBitten, had the same idea. Right after Vantage was revealed, they challenged themselves to create a similar look within two weeks. In the hours following, they shared screenshots of the modeling process for some of Vantage’s accessories, including her headset and wrist guards.

At the end of the thread, they revealed that they’d finished most of the outfit’s parts and that they were going to 3D print each one. A few days later, they posted the printed result of part of the headset. Interested fans can follow along with their progress to view the sure-to-be-impressive final result.

Vantage will go live in Apex at the start of season 14 on Aug. 9 alongside changes to Kings Canyon and an increased level cap.