Apex Legends cheaters use Charge Rifles with unlimited ammo

The Charge Rifle just became deadlier.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are encountering a new cheat that allows the Charge Rifle to have unlimited ammo. This cheat is even deadlier when combined with other ones, such as wallhacks or aimbot. 

Professional Apex Legends player CLG ImMadness and his team encountered a cheater with a Charge Rifle who had seemingly unlimited ammo. The players could not move from cover as the cheater immediately hit them with the rifle and destroyed their armor. The team attempted to peak the cheater simultaneously, but they were still unable to counter their overpowered weapon. ImMadness and his teammates were forced to retreat to avoid giving the cheater easy kills. 

It is unclear how the cheater made the Charge Rifle have unlimited ammo, but it is a very deadly weapon when ammo isn’t an issue. The cheater likely combined the bugged weapon with other cheats such as wallhacks or aimbot.

Another player linked a video that shows a cheater’s perspective when using the bugged Charge Rifle and shows just how powerful the weapon can be. The clip shows a cheater dominating two separate teams who cannot escape the deadly weapon. The cheater was also using wallhacks, which shows the player’s locations and makes it almost impossible to maneuver or retreat. 

It is unclear how widespread an issue is, but a few people confirmed that they have also encountered similar cheats in their matches. The issue is present in Apex Predator lobbies, meaning cheaters are using the exploit to reach the highest rank in Apex Legends