Apex Legends Caustic player kills Lifeline with their own care package

It was a very Caustic thing to do.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A Caustic player in Apex Legends trapped their Lifeline teammate under their own care package, killing them instantly.

Reddit user Velspy posted the clip to the Apex Legends subreddit earlier today with the title “Why yes, I am a horrible person.”

In the clip, Velspy’s Lifeline teammate has called down a care package. The two of them stand in the drop zone for a moment before Velspy, playing Caustic, tosses two gas traps behind Lifeline. The traps make it so Lifeline can’t turn around and quickly escape the drop zone. Caustic slowly backs out of the drop zone just before the care package lands on Lifeline, dropping their death box nearby.

While Velspy’s actions certainly aren’t a nice thing to do to your teammates, the video enjoyed a lot of popularity on Reddit. Many commenters said the act was typical Caustic behavior, with one top-voted comment reading, “Even Caustic’s teammates are part of such ‘experiments’.”

Velspy didn’t say whether the Lifeline was a friend of theirs or just a random squadmate, but either way, commenters were sad to see their obvious confusion as Velspy placed the traps behind them.