Apex Legends appears to have finally thwarted leakers—for now

Don't count on the spoilers being gone for good, however.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a leak problem. The last several months of content became available online for anyone to see far in advance, and with a high degree of accuracy. Whether it was Newcastle, Vantage, new map changes, events, or skins, players didn’t need to look very hard to find out what was coming up next in Apex. The information was just about everywhere on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

Now, it appears that the Respawn team had finally made a bit of progress in preventing some of the huge leaks that have spoiled upcoming content, at least for now.

The source of so many of these leaks is the AG420 account, who was allegedly behind the massive character leaks back in March. AG420’s leaks are not comparable to dataminers, who find future content in the game after that content has been added to the game’s files and can sometimes render those files. Instead, these leaks are actual internal builds of the game that the leaker can access. They even streamed themselves playing unreleased content for season 13 of Apex, all of which ended up coming to the game.

For the time being, however, it looks like season 14 leaks will have to wait. Some of this might be due to a change in Apex’s anti-tamper and anti-cheat systems. A program called “Hyperion” was added to the game a week ago, which made life more difficult for several leakers and insiders who were used to showing off unreleased content.

At this point, getting so close to season 14 without anything close to the major leaks that came prior to season 13 is a major win for Respawn. That success may be short-lived, however.

Whether or not Apex can actually keep some of the more adept leakers in the community out of internal builds of the game remains to be seen. For now, however, the future content seems to be somewhat safe.

Season 14 of Apex begins on Aug. 9, complete with a new character and shake-ups to the game’s original map, Kings Canyon.