Apex Legends’ Anniversary Collection Event is live

The event comes with free packs for everyone and 150 heirloom shards for players who complete their collections.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ anniversary was on Feb. 4, but the party is starting today with the Anniversary Collection Event, which celebrates the battle royale’s two-year run so far. It’s bringing in a game type takeover, a new collection, and a slew of free prizes—all available until the event ends on Feb. 23.

As usual, the event adds its own collection of limited-time cosmetics that will be available to craft with a once-off half price when spending crafting metals to get the new visuals. This means that Legendary event cosmetics will be on par with their normal counterparts.

In past collection events, players who acquired all items would get a specific heirloom. This time, Respawn will let players get a set of their choice. Completing the collection gives out 150 Heirloom Shards.

Here’s everything available until Feb. 23.

Takeover: Locked and Loaded

Apex‘s new event kicked off with a game mode takeover. Players will dive into the Locked and Loaded game mode instead of the usual casual queues. In Locked and Loaded, squads drop with a white body shield, two shield cells and syringes, a white shotgun bolt, and a Mozambique. All white-level attachments and equipments (outside of sights) are out of the loot pool for the duration of the mode.

Locked and Loaded is a non-intrusive takeover that spices up the game: dropping into a hot spot turns into a Mozambique fight instead of desperately scouring the area for anything to use against enemies. The rarefied drop pool also ensures that players get their hands on better attachments from the get-go.

Although the Anniversary Event is live, the Takeover isn’t in the playlist yet. It’s reportedly scheduled to deploy at 12pm CT, according to data miner Shrugtal.

Anniversary rewards track

To celebrate the party, Respawn’s giving out a ton of gifts, including 10 regular Apex Packs and two event packs for players who rise through the rewards track. Some of the other prizes include Holo-Sprays, an R-99 skin, and a Nessie Gun Charm. Lastly, all players get an Apex Pack, an event badge, and a matching set of trackers for Bangalore just by logging in throughout the event.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Anniversary Collection

It’s not a Collection Event without cosmetics and the Anniversary Collection delivers 24 recolors for a series of legends, all with a matching crimson and gold color palette. Players can get their hands on new versions of old limited-time visuals, such as Bloodhound’s Wise Warrior and Wraith’s Void Prowler.

Usually, getting all 24 items in the collection would yield a specific heirloom. But this time around, Respawn is shaking things up. Players who complete the collection will get 150 heirloom shards to spend on their set of choice. And to help the legends reach that goal, all skins will have a reduced crafting cost. They’re 50 percent off when acquiring them with Crafting Metals.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The collection, however, is still bugged. Players can’t unlock items or access the store. This is reportedly an issue on Respawn’s end. The studio disabled the purchase of packs and collection items after the event went mistakenly live last week, according to data miner Shrugtal, and players “won’t be able to get any packs or craft anything until it’s turned back on.”

Seasonal challenges

To keep the party going, Apex is also getting four extended challenges, each with its own reward. Players have 12 weeks to complete them, instead of the two-week event period.

Dealing 102,816 damage awards the Mozambique badge, a nod to Titanfall 2‘s release date (Oct. 28, 2016). Completing 75 Daily Challenges yields the Nessie Badge, while the Smolfinder badge is available for players who win a game with eight different legends. Lastly, dealing 3,333 damage with the Mozambique awards the Mozambique Here gun charm.

Players have until Feb. 23 to partake in the festivities and take advantage of everything the event has to offer, with the exception of the extended challenges.