Apex Legends’ Aftermarket Collection Event introduces new Flashpoint limited-time mode and Caustic heirloom

The action kicks off Oct. 6.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Things are about to get flashy in the Outlands.

Apex Legends systems designer Mark Yampolsky discussed the Aftermarket Collection Event today, which includes the new Flashpoint limited-time mode and an heirloom for the Toxic Trapper. The event will run from Oct. 6 to 20.

Kings Canyon will be littered with “Flash Points,” which are massive zones that regenerate health and shields over time.

“However, every other squad in the arena is going to have the same idea,” Yampolsky said. “These zones are going to create massive multi-squad fights that bring the feeling of a team deathmatch to Apex Legends, complete with health regeneration that evokes some of our favorite classic first person shooters.”

With healing items not spawning in this mode, Flash Points will be pivotal in recovering those precious life points. Players will be able to craft Phoenix Kits, however, “for a price.”

The circle in Flashpoint will follow the Always Be Closing rules, shrinking on a Flash Point to make the final fray as chaotic as you’d expect.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

And Caustic finally gets his heirloom in the Aftermarket event, which looks like a toxic hammer. Fans will likely be able to unlock it after snagging all 24 cosmetics throughout the event, either through direct purchase or Event Apex Packs.

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