Apex legend concept puts you in charge of a Prowler

Yo dawg, we heard you like prowlers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Prowlers, the ferocious dinosaur-dog-things that patrol areas of Storm Point and Bloodhound’s Trials, are most commonly regarded as a nuisance more than anything else. They’ve been part of Apex Legends since season four’s The Old Ways event, and even longer in the entire Titanfall universe. And, for most players, they’re just some extra things to shoot, until they begin interfering in fights.

One Reddit user, on the other hand, saw the Prowler and thought to themselves, “what if I put a Prowler on that Prowler?”

Behold, Experiment R3-X, a concept created by Wolfdawgartcorner. Yes, there is a Prowler SMG on top of that android Prowler. This isn’t some AI enemy for players to shoot at, however. This is a concept for a new legend.

The art comes complete with small explainers, which hint at possible abilities the R3-X might have, and how the Prowler might communicate with teammates. The Prowler has “enhanced brain function” and a communication collar. Wolfdawgartcorner further explains that while the R3-X can’t talk, per se, it can ping items and communicate with teammates via the “scientist controlling the experiment.” It’s unclear if this makes R3-X something akin to a remote control death car or if these voice lines are more akin to Wrecking Ball’s communication in Overwatch, where the R3-X is thinking these words and a scientist has simply coded voice lines into the collar to help the R3-X communicate. Either way, this is kind of a talking Prowler.

Elsewhere, there’s a prosthetic claw, which might suggest some sort of melee or lunge ability that seems like a natural fit for a Prowler. The R3-X also has an auto-loader for its guns to take care of the whole “no opposable thumbs” thing, as well as reinforcement grafts to “increase durability.” That would make sense, given the R3-X would most likely be a larger and easier target to hit than most legends and as such would probably need the Fortified passive that Gibraltar and Caustic have.

While something like this character is extremely unlikely to ever enter Apex, it’s a truly unique concept and one of the most interesting ideas for a legend. Being able to run around as a scientifically enhanced Prowler is the type of power fantasy that the game made available to players in game modes like Shadow Royale, which means it’s completely overpowered, of course.

But maybe we could get an R3-X limited-time mode? Please?