Apex hacker cheats, dies falling off the map anyway

Karma comes for everyone eventually.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The old adage that cheaters never prosper seems pertinent when watching an overconfident hacker in Apex Legends fall to an untimely death.

Olympus’ many environmental hazards provide the perfect arena for such an example of justice to take place, and Reddit user Hawkzyy recorded the moment a hacking Bangalore with 26 kills fell to their own lack of spatial awareness while they were in the top three.

One comment on the post pointed out that the hacker barely tried to hide their hacking, and it’s easy to see why. In the opening section of the clip, the hacker might be using Bangalore’s Smoke Grenades in fights, but that’s as far as the tactics go. They don’t even pretend to aim appropriately at the opponents in front of them, hip-firing wildly into their smoke and hitting every bullet perfectly on target despite not having clear vision to their opponents, with the aim snapping into place.

However, the Smoke Grenades would prove to be the hacker’s downfall. Still vulnerable to enemy bullets after hitting several shots, the hacker starts to panic as the remaining teams alive begin to fire back through the smoke. Bangalore desperately throws their ultimate as the barrage of bullets continues to hit them and they then try to drop down from the high platform the fight is on to safely heal below. What they didn’t see through the effects of the smoke on their screen was that all they would find below was an open drop through the clouds of Olympus and a deserved defeat screen.

“Cheaters are always the worst players,” a user writes beneath the clip, sharing the sentiment of many other players reacting to the bizarre sequence of events. While many players can clinch the occasional win with the right team or the right amount of luck, it’s hard to imagine a hacker with perfectly tracking bullets would have a difficult time with it. Despite their impossibly lethal aim, however, this player in particular fell off the dangerous drops in Olympus, an enemy they can’t outshoot.

The clip ends with the surviving two players of the team the Bangalore was fighting rushing to the newly spawned deathbox to taunt and shoot at the hacker’s banner. Cheaters are one of the most frustrating obstacles players can run into during a session of Apex Legends, but the brief moments of karma fans watch play out when one of them still fails to win despite all their advantages can give some sense of justice to players on the opposing side of the crosshairs.