Apex fan makes a full Octane-themed song using his voicelines

Go fast like him.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

All of the characters in Apex Legends get their own music packs. And those music packs are usually directly tied to each character’s origin and personality in some way, such as the bagpipes present in Horizon’s music pack or Fuse’s didgeridoo and electric guitar combination.

But one Reddit user decided to take things a step further and create an entirely new soundtrack for one of the game’s most popular legends: Octane.

Xaro93, a creator who works magic with in-game voicelines, created a full track for Octane using lines the character says in the game. The music is entirely Xaro93’s creation, manipulating the speed of the voicelines to fit the music. 

The song, appropriately titled “Fast Like Me,” features a high-pace EDM feel that Octane himself would no doubt approve of. As a finishing touch, the song also features a couple of voicelines from Lifeline. There’s no doubt if Octane really did create a song for himself in the Apex universe, he would need Lifeline’s help making it. It’s an excellent finishing touch on the project.

This isn’t Xaro93’s only project with Apex voicelines, either. They have several original songs posted on Reddit and YouTube, including a full Mad Maggie rap song and the now-famous “Mozambique ‘ere,” the video for which is closing in on 3 million views. They also made another song for Lifeline using the legend’s voicelines and the percussion from her “Bringin’ the Beat Down” skydive emote.

All in all, Xaro93’s channels are filled with creative uses of Apex assets. Check them out if you’re looking for a new soundtrack to your next hot drop.