Apex fan-made rework could give Mirage a necessary buff

The fan-made tweaks can patch up several of the character’s deficiencies.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Mirage, Apex Legends’ Holographic Trickster, is considered one of the battle royale’s least impactful characters, but a detailed fanmade rework could fix several of his faults.

The proposed rework would adjust all three of his skills to the effectiveness of his decoys and make them more likely to bamboozle enemies. His enhanced passive would also provide some protection when using items or reviving teammates.

The new version of his decoys, “Totally Psyched Out,” would send out a hologram that interacts with the environment, including zip lines, ladders, and balloons. The change would make the behavior of Mirage’s copies feel more human and possibly trick players into opening fire. The proposed rework doesn’t have a cooldown, however, and activating the ability again would cancel the previous decoy.

His proposed passive, “Sleight of Hand,” would improve Mirage’s “Encore” skill, which cloaks him for a brief period of time after being downed. The new ability allows Mirage to cloak while using a consumable or reviving a teammate, a significant upgrade from Encore. Although the text indicates that the skill would be in effect even if Mirage was moving, the creator later backtracked and clarified that Sleight of Hand would only activate while Mirage was stationary.

The proposed rework doesn’t have a deep impact on the mechanics of Mirage’s ultimate, but would greatly improve its efficiency. The Emergency Dance Party would see Mirage toss out decoys that replicate his behavior instead of standing still. It could provide a good distraction and allow Mirage to reposition.

The Emergency Dance Party was briefly in Apex as part of the Dummies Big Day LTM during the Grand Soirée Arcade Event. Activating an ultimate while playing as a Dummy would trigger the Emergency Dance Party, and fans speculated that the ultimate could be a test for Mirage.

Mirage is the second-least played character in Apex, according to Tracker.gg. The legend’s 4.2 percent pick rate is only better than Crypto’s 4 percent.