Apex fan creates impressive Gibraltar Shark Tank skin concept

Perfect for the tanky legend.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends features a wide array of unique legend skins. Some are simple color changes, while others completely change the character’s design. One creative Apex fan shared their unique shark-themed skin named Shark Tank for Gibraltar that puts a fun spin on the tanky character.

The player uploaded a picture of their skin concept showing a detailed re-imagining of the Shielded Fortress. The skin replaces Gibraltar’s head with a scarred shark’s head but still features Gibraltar’s iconic smile. His shield is also updated with a grey and blue shark head and has various shark designs on his boots and knee pads.

Other players expressed their support for the skin and that it would be a great addition to the game. There are already several unique skins for the legends that change their style completely, but none go as far as turning them into an actual shark. The shark theme also provides the opportunity to customize his shield with a water themed skin, and even a unique drop animation.

Gibraltar received a buff recently that allowed him to revive players quicker while using his shield, which made the champion more viable. He became a little too strong, however, and received a nerf to lower his gun shield to balance him out.

The updates have drawn a lot more players to the legend, so it would be an ideal time to add a new skin for the tank character. Skins are constantly being added to the game, so there might be an opportunity for the skin to be added in the future.