Apex fan creates concept for an energy pistol

The gun might be familiar to Titanfall players.

Apex Legends C4
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has added a plethora of new weapons to the game since its launch in February. But a dedicated Apex fan decided to join in by sharing their idea for an energy pistol earlier today.

The concept of the MK7 handgun was posted to the game’s official subreddit. Its functionality is inspired by the MK5 and MK6 smart pistols present in the sister franchise, Titanfall.

The MK7 would use the rarified energy ammunition and its damage would be “comparable with a P2020 stacked with Hammerpoint rounds,” dealing 25 damage on a body shot, 45 on a critical hit, and 22 if shooting at enemies’ legs, according to its creator. It’d have a semi-automatic firing mode but would be compatible with barrel stabilizers and an extended enery magazine.

The gun was defined as a “smart pistol.” In Titanfall, smart pistols have an automatic lock-on mechanism that aims at enemies and practically guarantees a hit. Players can alternate between free fire and locked-on shots. Titanfall 2’s MK6 removed the capacity to switch between firing modes. It’s unclear if players would have the choice between firing types with this concept.

Some Apex fans demonstrated support for the MK7, but a number of players shared their concerns about the weapon’s lock-on feature. “I don’t want legal aimbots in the game,” one user said.

Two out of three weapons introduced to Apex use energy ammo: the Havoc and the Charge Rifle. The MK7 would continue that pattern and would likely prove to be a more viable alternative to the P2020, at the cost of using a more scarce ammo type.