Apex fan creates concept for a Weapon Ping Wheel

Upgrading from a Mozambique could become even easier.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

You’ve been lugging a Turbocharger in your backpack for several minutes, sacrificing valuable inventory space and hoarding Energy ammo on the off chance you find a weapon that’s compatible with it. In the meantime, one of your teammates found a Devotion three buildings away, but didn’t ping it because they didn’t know you wanted it.

That’s a frustratingly common scenario in Apex Legends. Team communication is vital to survive in the fast-paced battle royale—sometimes as essential as having good gear. But now, a Reddit user has suggested the concept for a “Weapon Ping Wheel” to fill the need for sharing information and finding equipment at the same time.

The concept designed by the player would follow the ping wheel system already implemented in Apex. It would function as a separate wheel that would allow its users to communicate from a set of previously chosen weapons. To place a weapon in the new system, players would have the option to set it as a “favorite” from the main menu.

Pinging a weapon from the wheel would notify teammates that certain guns are being searched for and would encourage legends who find them while scavenging for loot to communicate with the rest of the squad.

The idea was mostly well received on Reddit. Players who don’t have a microphone, or those who play late at night and don’t want to use voice comms, were enthusiastic about the concept.

Some users, however, manifested their qualms about adopting the system, especially concerning the possibility of flooding the game with multiple pings. Others said that it could become redundant through the use of in-game chat features.

Respawn Entertainment has already added a quip wheel to the game, which allows players to use their favorite voice lines at will. Adding another wheel feature to Apex could possibly clutter its interface.

Regardless, since the post was suggested on the Apex subreddit, which is populated by the developers, Respawn might notice the concept and could possibly (even if improbably) implement it as a quality of life improvement.