Apex developers add Easter egg about Octane’s jump pad rotation in Gardens

There's a Nessie at the end of the jump—if you make it, that is.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers immortalized the elusive Octane jump pad rotation from Gardens to Energy Depot with an easter egg. The POI in Olympus now has some cherry blossoms and glowsticks to mark the perfect placement for the jump pad and a little surprise to those who make the jump.

A Reddit user spotted the hint to the rotation yesterday. The easter egg is more than just a reference to the move, however: it’s a perfect way to line up the jump pad, as the player demonstrated. In the video, they place the jump pad at the spot in the teaser and land on the other side, only to find an upside-down Nessie and some cherry blossoms at the end of the jump.

The jump pad rotation lets players leap from Gardens into Energy Depot. It’s a risky stunt fitting of Octane himself, but it may pay off in the right circumstances: it allows players to quickly disengage from any enemies in Gardens and shake off pursuers, or at least get a head start.

The technique gained popularity after a Reddit post, an appearance on NRG’s Tanner “Rogue” Trebb’s Twitter, and a subsequent video by content creator Mokeysniper. To replicate the technique, players must place the jump pad into an optimal spot and slide into it, then save the jump at the last minute to mantle onto a walkway. If done properly, players will almost scrape the security rail in Gardens but will land on Energy Depot unscathed and ready to continue their rotation.