Apex data miner finds more hints that Bloodhound and Crypto may use survey beacons

The new voice lines could hint at a long-anticipated buff.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder is the only character that can use survey beacons in Apex Legends—at least for now. New data-mined information points toward a long-anticipated buff for Bloodhound and Crypto that could allow the pair to interact with survey beacons.

Data miner Biast12 found another batch of voice lines designed for when the two recon legends interact with a survey beacon. It’s not just snippets of code hinting at the buff, but actual audio files with each voice line.

Each of the legends has two voice lines, one for when they’re scanning and another after the animation ends. Crypto says “I have found the next ring location” and “scanning for the next ring in my mini-map.” Bloodhound’s voice lines are “I have located the next ring” and “the next ring is revealed.”

The audio files are the latest in a long line of hints toward a buff to the other recon legends. Data miners previously uncovered several mentions of Bloodhound and Crypto using survey beacons, including other voice lines and animations. Parts of the community thought the change would take effect with season five, but Pathfinder is still the only character who can interact with the beacons right now.

Giving Bloodhound and Crypto access to survey beacons would water down Pathfinder’s utility. At the same time, it would create room for more tweaks to Apex‘s fighting robot to offset any changes.