Apex data miner finds code for test emotes in game files

But it doesn’t necessarily mean emotes are coming to the battle royale.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s not a LAN party without dance emotes, and they might be coming to Apex Legends at some point. Famous data miner iLootGames found unused code for emotes in Apex’sfiles following today’s update.

The data miner shared animations for three different characters. Some of the gestures are thematically related to their characters and might point towards legend-specific emotes, in the same way that each competitor has their own set of finishers and skydive emotes.

 “I believe in season 2 I found code showing testing for ingame emotes,” he tweeted. “Well it appears they may be coming, of course nothing is confirmed but here is an animation labeled ‘test emote’.”

The animation shows a dancing Pathfinder fittingly doing a step known as “the robot,” an obvious nod to his robotic nature. The legend is sometimes seen trying to mimic positive human behavior. In one of his finishers, he uses his grappling hook to attempt a high-five on his enemy.

Bloodhound’s emote seems to require the help of their pet crow, Arthur. Though the bird is invisible, the tracker’s gestures clearly mimic falconry. The game files also list an animation for Revenant, the latest character to join the Apex Games. The character may taunt his opponents with a “come at me” sign, according to iLootGames.

It must be noted that unreleased information in the game files doesn’t necessarily translate into certain features being added into the game. Apex’s files can contain test information for features that may not make it to the live servers, or character data deliberately designed to trick data miners, as was the case with Forge.

Though it is certainly possible that emotes could come to the battle royale at some point, Respawn hasn’t officially revealed the feature, and players should take that information with a grain of salt. As iLootGames put it: “Remember, it’s all just speculation.”