Apex bug lets players attack each other on the dropship

Get ready to throw down.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you’ve dropped at a hot spot in Apex Legends, then odds are you’ve been eliminated just seconds after landing. But now, it’s possible to get downed even earlier in the game.

A new bug is allowing players to trade punches and get injured while still on the dropship.

The glitch happens during the “your squad” and “champion squad” screens that follow the character selection menu. Players reported hearing melee sounds and taking damage before even jumping out. Unlucky legends can get downed without leaving the ship and will still be allowed to leap out, but they’ll be incapacitated as soon as they hit the ground.

Jumping ship with an injured legend will mix their diving and downed animations for an amusing bit of comedic value in an otherwise annoying bug. Incapacitated players can still be helped to their feet as if they’d been taken down from regular damage and can proceed with the match normally.

The victim’s squad evidently starts at a disadvantage, though. Having a downed teammate from the get-go limits the team’s possible drop spots and forces them into a less populated landing zone. The revived teammate will also have less health, forcing them to burn through precious healing items early in the match.

This bug is seemingly an unintended side effect of Apex’s Patch 3.1, which brought large amounts of new content to the game yesterday. The highly-anticipated Duos mode will be available to play until Nov. 19. Additionally, the training arena received a major overhaul. It was transformed into a full-fledged firing range, complete with every weapon and attachment to choose from.