Apex bug allows players to turbocharge the Havoc instantly

Turbocharger not required.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Finding the perfect attachment in Apex Legends can be a difficult task, especially if you’re looking for a level four drop like a Turbocharger. But yesterday, an Apex player discovered a way to fire the Havoc without its startup delay by using a selectfire receiver.

The selectfire allows the Havoc to alternate between rapid-fire and charged shots. By charging the shot and rapidly switching to full-auto mode, the next pull of the trigger won’t have its initial ramp-up delay.

The trick requires specific timing. Switching fire modes too soon won’t have the desired effect and can disrupt the flow of the fight. Changing too late will cause the charged shot to be fired and force the player to restart the process.

Players who use the bug can retain the charge as long as the weapon isn’t put away through weapon switching, climbing, or reloading. The effect only lasts for one magazine and must be repeated after every reload.

The bug makes the rare Turbocharger less essential to Havoc users.  It allows them to replicate the perks of the scarce hop-up attachment by using the easier-to-find selectfire receiver. Players can save precious time by removing the recharge delay altogether. In a fast-paced game like Apex, this can be the difference between having a full vest and seeing your purple armor get torn to shreds.

The Devotion LMG, the other Turbocharger-compatible weapon, doesn’t benefit from the glitch because of its incompatibility with the selectfire receiver.

This bug is likely unintentional. The Turbocharger is a deliberately rare drop found in high-tier areas, care packages, and, of course, death boxes. It’s unclear if developer Respawn Entertainment will punish players who take advantage of this bug or if it’ll get patched in the near future.