Apex attack ‘has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk,’ according to Respawn

The studio is also testing a fix.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The latest attack on Apex Legends’ servers did not endanger users’ accounts or information, according to Respawn. The studio is also “testing a fix” for the lengthy disruptions, although the solution may require “additional updates.”

“We’ve determined that this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk,” Respawn wrote. Though the integrity of accounts does not appear to be in jeopardy, the studio is working on a solution and is “continuing to validate” a solution, according to a recent update on the topic.

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The issues with Apex matchmaking started earlier today after an attack tampered with playlist data and took down the servers. Instead of seeing the usual playlist options such as Duos or Arenas, players faced a screen that was nearly blank. All possible game modes were locked except for one: a playlist called “savetitanfall.com,” a message from the attackers.

The savetitanfall.com website was created by fans to expose the state of the servers for the first Titanfall, which have been plagued with hackers and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks for some time. Both the page admins and the hackers were quick to deny any affiliation between the two parties.

Titanfall, by several accounts, is unplayable due to security issues that allow ill-intentioned players to crash servers. Respawn has addressed the issue repeatedly in recent months, with statements in April, May, and June.

Respawn is tweeting hourly updates on its efforts to restore matchmaking in Apex. While servers are out, however, players at least have the relief of knowing their accounts and personal information are safe.

Update July 4 8:38pm CT: Respawn pushed out a server update that appeared to fix the issue, but it might take “hours” for the fix to reach all servers. Dot Esports was able to see the regular playlists.