All the skins included in Apex’s Fight Night event

Start collecting these memorable items and show you were there during Fight Night.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The action in Apex Legends never stops since Respawn Entertainment always finds a way to introduce events that are more exciting than the ones before them. Apex’s latest collection event, Fight Night, kicked off on Jan. 6, adding new cosmetics to unlock and new in-game mechanics to spice up Apex.

Throughout the event, there will be more supply drops around the map in Apex matches. The level of competition around the map naturally increases due to this change, making each match even more hectic. There's also a new boxing ring around Power Grid and Docks, and all weapons will be disabled as you step onto it. You'll be able to challenge your opponents into a fistfight in this ring that is also damage-proof to all outside sources.

While players always lookout for the new elements that get added to the game with patches, balance changes are just as significant when it comes to shifting Apex's meta-game. There were a couple of stat adjustments for Hemlok and the Mastiff, but collectors will still have their eyes on the new skins that have hit the live servers.

There are a total of 24 exclusive cosmetics items that you can obtain throughout the Fight Night event, and the prime way of getting them is through opening Fight Night packs. You'll also be able to unlock each skin with Crafting Materials, or purchasing each of them directly from the store in exchange for Apex coins.

Here are all the new skins and cosmetics items that you can collect during the Fight Night event.

Legend skins

While nine of the legend skins will be waiting for you inside Apex packs, you'll only be able to obtain the Decked Out Gibraltar skin by collecting 1000 event points.

Legendary skins

  • Boogie Down Mirage
  • Dangerous Game Bloodhound
  • Dressed to Impress Bangalore
  • Haute Drop Wattson
  • Memoir Noir Pathfinder
  • Sacred Divinity Revenant
  • Self Reflection Loba
  • Worlds Apart Lifeline

Epic skins

  • Copper Core Pathfinder
  • Gold Standard Rampart

Weapon skins

Legendary Fight Night weapon skins

  • Abstract Idea Triple Take
  • Attrition G7 Scout
  • Dark Hearted Alternator SMG
  • Emerald Abstraction HAVOC Rifle
  • Sweet Revenge Devolution LMG

Epic Fight Night weapon skins

  • Bronze Age R-301 Carbine
  • Green Riptter Longbow DMR
  • Magnetic Volley M600 Spitfire
  • Oxidization Hemlok Burst AR

Weapon charms

  • Fedorable
  • Iced Out
  • Ritual Decoration

Banner poses

  • Charming for Loba
  • Stalker for Revenant

Skydive emotes

  • Crossed Swords for Bloodhound
  • Kickin' It for Crypto