ALGS team shifts Apex events to online format, adds 3 new tournaments with $100,000 prize pool

The shift is part of EA’s “Stay & Play” initiative.

Image via EA

The Apex Legends Global Series is moving to an online format, but the ALGS team is giving its competitors plenty of incentive to stay home and practice.

The ALGS team added three new tournaments today that will take place between April and May—each with a hefty prize pool of $100,000. The team also postponed the Premier Event #2, a live competition that would take place in Bucharest, without setting a date for its return.

The previously-scheduled Online Tournament #3 will take place on April 4 and 6 as normal. The winners won’t just gain ALGS points, though. The competition’s prize pool will also include an extra $100,000 in total as part of EA’s Stay & Play initiative.

The ALGS Team also added three competitions to be played in April and May. Like the Online Tournament #3, each event will have a $100,000 prize pool and will award ALGS points. Online Tournament #4 will take place on April 18 and 20, followed by Tournament #5 on May 2 and 4, and the final Online Tournament on May 30 and June 1. The ALGS team will broadcast the finals of the North America and EU Online Tournaments on Twitch and YouTube.

Each tournament’s $100,000 prize pool will be split between the ranking teams. The winning team in Europe and North America competitions will take home $7,200. The runner-up will win $4,410, and third place will receive $2,790. The prize pool will decrease until 10th place, who’s awarded $590. For other regions, the prizes given out will be around half as much as their EU and NA counterparts.

EA previously canceled all live events for its competitive gaming series amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. The list of games affected includes Apex, FIFA 2020, FIFA Online 4, and Madden NFL 20.