ALGS roster change tracker: Split 2

Can't keep track of all the player swaps and name changes? We've got you covered.

Bangalore Apex Legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

With the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Split Two just a few days away, fans might be wondering where all these new team names came from and what the squads are looking like in the second split.

For those fans, here’s a tracker of all the changes that teams in NA and EMEA made from the end of Split One until now. Players have been dropped, signed, or traded. New orgs have entered the scene and acquired old rosters. And a few teams have disbanded (or, in the case of Noble, had their entire organization implode). 

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This roster change overview will stay up-to-date as teams continue to look for the upper hand to qualify for the Split Two Playoffs and the Year Two championship beyond that.

North America

New teams in Pro League: Last Minute, Nightmare, Washed, RCO Esports, Optimal Ambition, Start a Fight, D A B, TDG, Literally Vibing, and LMK

Teams from Split One that disbanded: Noble, Knights, Absolute Monarchy, SXG, SHEEEEEEESH, and BenchWarmers


Players in: Vein

Players out: Claraphi

Bad Boys

Players in: FarmerLucas

Players out: forceewut

Senior Service

Players in: Pettyboss, Moohnee

Players out: daviswave


Players in: Pandxrz

Players out: Hackulo

100 Thieves

Players in: RNG_Vaxlon

Players out: Vein

Team Liquid

Players in: KNIGHTS_Gild

Players out: TL Flanker

All Glory Gaming

Name change: All Glory Gaming acquired the former LegacyMX roster.


Players in: Golden

Players out: solve

Dexterity Gaming

Players in: Sung, stompez, wave


Name change: SCRY is the former roster of Estral Esports.

Atlanta Premier

Name change: PremierGG rebranded to Atlanta Premier.

Players in: KNIGHTS_Asura

Players out: TOR_Hill


Players in: ImMadness

Players out: RNG_Vaxlon


Players in: GsBird

Players out: ZDavis


Players in: Hackulo

Players out: Vein, Luxford

Buff Pathfinder

Players in: KIMCHILEE

Players out: Mamba

Charlotte Phoenix

Players in: eRA_bowswer

Players out: Kotigami

Ghost Gaming

Players in: ImpulsiveDream, Rakkinishu

Players out: Pandxrz, ImMadness


Players in: Mamba

Players out: GsBird


Players out: kasellos (will fill for the team until a new third member is found)

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

New teams in Pro League: T-Rex, SSD, and VCTRY Esports

Teams from Split One that disbanded: Clean and uwuowocatboys

iG International

Players out: Blasts


Players in: Dave

Players out: believerxk


Name change: Acend acquired the former NEW Esports roster.

Dead Inside

Players in: Exens, NAKAM3N

Players out: Stanyyy, Fyzu


Name change: Mutariuum acquired the former YungMoneyGuild roster.

Players in: Unlucky

Players out: NexX (bench)

Fenerbahçe Esports

Players in: Klache

Players out: Cathryan (bench)


Players in: Denzaay

Players out: pyradice


Name change: Solaris acquired the former Les cités de France roster.

Team Empire

Name change: Team Empire acquired the former MajorPushers roster.

Players in: Maliwan

Players out: fitoo


Players in: 69iQ_Naghz

Players out: 69iQ_SMEGGYTOE

Vexed Gaming

Name change: Vexed Gaming acquired the former Ethernal roster.


Name change: Cynical was the former NAVI roster

Players in: Urban

Players out: MaxStrafe


Players in: Willemkh

Players out: Streamiii


Players in: Badoli

Players out: KNG_maydeelol


Players in: MaxStrafe

Players out: Badoli


Name change: Na’Vi acquired the former Myztro roster.

Players out: MaxStrafe, Neshh, and Kouhia

Horizon Union

Name change: Horizon Union acquired the former Top Dogs roster.

Phoenix Legacy

Players in: Of_Importance

Players out: MISTER ARTHER


Name change: Name1ess was formerly known as DungeonMast33rs.

Players in: 7ozzzus

Players out: Exens


Players in: fitoo, Stanyyy

Players out: 7ozzzus, Maliwan