The 8 best gifts for Apex Legends fans

These gifts will turn you into a legend for Apex players.

Though Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, it also has a way of stressing out people who are behind on their shopping. Most gifting lists include people that you’ll easily know what to get them, while some will undoubtedly be head-scratchers. If you’ve been losing sleep over what you can get for that person who adores Apex Legends and spends every waking minute talking about the game, you can take a deep breath.

The clues have been in front of your eyes all this time. The best way to make an Apex fan’s holiday season better will be through getting them something Apex themed. The internet is overflooded with Apex-themed souvenirs and items, but it’s essential to pick up something that’d actually be of use. 

If you haven’t played Apex yourself or don’t know much about the gaming environment of your giftee, we’ve gathered a few fail-proof gift ideas that should get you through the holiday season.

Keep an eye on the delivery dates before deciding to buy any of the items on our list. You may need to order from different sellers or an entirely different item if the gift you’d like to purchase doesn’t make it in time for Christmas.

Here are the best gifts you can get for your Apex enthusiast friend, relative, or significant other.

Official merch

Not all game developers sell official merch. While Blizzard has been doing it for a long time, Valve only steps up during major events, leaving online buyers empty-handed. But Apex probably has one of the best official merch stores in all of gaming—and anything you get from here should be enough to do the trick.

There are countless cool T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, hats, mugs, bottles, and collectibles. Considering the season ahead of us, there are also holiday-themed items that take the whole experience to another level. 

Apex Legends action figures

When you walk into a gamer’s room, you may be slightly dazzled by their RGB lights. While RGB does a great job of creating a nice atmosphere, a room needs collectibles to have more spirit.

Apex action figures are the perfect gift for any Apex player looking to decorate their desk or shelves with the game they love. These action figures showcase each Apex character’s core parts and will serve as great reminders of how much fun your giftee has while playing Apex.

If you know their favorite legend, getting the action figure for that character could make it even more of a thoughtful gift.

Apex Legends hats

Apex has one of the coolest logos in gaming. It has a slight Assassin’s Creed vibe going on, but it looks more robust. 

This beautiful logo looks fantastic on any apparel item, but especially on hats. Anyone who plays the game will instantly recognize that reference, and for outsiders, it’ll look like an unknown street brand.

Pulling the trigger on a hat can especially be worth it if your giftee is a hat person. Hat enthusiasts can never have enough hats and an Apex cap will allow them to represent their favorite game everywhere they go.

Wingman replica

Each game has its own share of iconic elements. All Apex legends are unique in a way, but the guns in Apex have also built a reputation of their own over the years.

Apex’s futuristic take on guns give them a sleek look and turn them into excellent gifts. It’s possible to find replicas of each weapon in Apex, but the Wingman one takes the crown when it comes to details.

These replicas can be excellent desk or shelf pieces. They can even be framed to be displayed on walls. Just like action figures, you can specifically order the replica of your giftee’s favorite weapon, adding more thought to it in the process.  

Apex Legends FUNKO Figurines

Action figures focus on reflecting every single detail of the character, but they may get outclassed by more of their light-hearted rivals depending on the artistic preferences of your giftee.

Funko’s figurines feature more of a chibi approach when it comes to figures, which give them a cuter vibe in general. They also tend to be smaller in size, making displaying them easier.

There’s a figurine for every legend on the roster, except for one of the more recent ones like Loba and Horizon. Those should also join the ranks of others in the coming months, though.

Wraith Knife keychain

Keys are one of the top things that get lost. Whether it’s through misplacing them or forgetting them inside a pair of old pants, their small nature makes them harder to find. A keychain attached to a set of keys will make them easier to locate around the house and bags—and the right one will help you look even more badass.

There are jokers and down to Earth legends in Apex’s roster, but Wraith is one of the more intimidating ones. Her iconic knives make for an excellent keychain—and it even comes with its own knife holder.

The high-quality zinc alloy used in its making adds to its overall durability and the edges aren’t close to being sharp.

Apex Legends blanket

When Apex players take a break from the game, there’s a good chance they may start watching others play on Twitch. Watching streams is an excellent way of improving at a game, but it can get chilly, especially in the cold winter months.

Though you can always dress up for the cold, nothing comes close to beating the coziness of a blanket. An Apex-themed blanket will allow your giftee to chill in style, too.

You can get a blanket that features the game’s logo, the entire legend roster, or single characters. If you’re having a hard time deciding, our vote will go to the red one with Apex’s logo since it features a balanced color scheme.

Gift card

Apex is a free-to-play game, but it includes many unlockable elements. Players can use coins to unlock skins or characters, and coins can only be obtained through playing the game or purchasing them with real money.

Getting a gift card as a present is always a safe bet. Considering Apex’s developers continue to add breath-taking cosmetic items to the game, a player can never have enough coins. Make sure to note down the gaming platform your giftee uses to play Apex, however, since PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions use different game codes.

There are a total of five different gift cards available:

  • 1,000 Coins
  • 2,150 Coins
  • 4,350 Coins
  • 6,700 Coins
  • 11,500 Coins

For a point of reference, a battle pass for an Apex season costs 950 coins, meaning the entry-level gift card will be more than enough to purchase it. Battle passes contain loads of seasonal content and offer the most value when it comes to cosmetics.

There are also seasonal loot boxes inside Apex. The items out of these boxes are usually exclusive to seasons and those specific boxes. Higher-tier gift cards can allow your giftee to try their chance at seasonal loot boxes—or they can save the rest of their coins for the battle pass in future seasons.

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